illustration, webdesign, newsletter design 

CzechELib is a state institution responsible for purchasing electronic books and journals from publishers in bulk, so that research institutions, universities and libraries can get a better price. I collaborated with them for two years.

My work mainly consisted in redesigning parts of the website and giving shape to an email newsletter sent to over a hundred partner institutions.

I decided to lighten up the dry institutional tone with more light-hearted illustrations and icons.

I redesigned icons on the homepage and created a new style of illustrations to accompany articles.

The illustrations are meant to be a light and playful element to liven up the otherwise dry tone of the state institution, which deals with administrative, legal and financial matters. They represent rubber stamps, seals, contracts, graphs, finance, offers, etc.

Bank of Elements
This collection of shapes serves as a style guide and can be re-used for future illustrations. It can help save time but especially to keep the style consistent even when a different person makes future illustrations. It is an open set, since new forms will be necessary to represent new topics.

Email Newsletter
I designed the template for the newsletter and made graphic elements for it. They are similar but simpler and more direct than the website illustrations.

Time Plan
A schedule with important dates and procedures was sent to partner institutions. It gives them directions and a check list of essential tasks. It is intended mainly for print.