Visual Identity for
Johan's Painting Business

visual identity, print, digital

Johan was starting his own painting company and the only thing he lacked was a visual identity. I created an easy to remember, high-contrast logo with a spider monkey symbol to accompany the young entrepreneur on his missions across western Sweden.

The logo is more sophisticated than what his competition has, but not pretentious either. It works well across his Instagram, on business cards, on a banner used on-site or on cut graphics on his truck.

UPDATE: We are currently discussing a website to increase the company’s digital presence.

The identity works very well on Johan’s Instagram, where the inverted version has a bold confident feel and contrasts nicely with the bright sunny photos.

Business Card
One of the applications of the corporate identity was a business card. It was printed with a spot varnish making it more tactile and creating some nice gleam especially on the monkey symbol.

Cut Graphics
I knew from the beginning that one of the main uses of the identity would be to mark Johan’s truck, making him recognizable and allowing him to promote his services whereever he goes. Reactions are enthusiastic and people are looking forward to the “yellow monkey” dropping by.
The monkey mascot also inspired a homemade t-shirt design.