Johans Måleri Website

web design + development, SEO  

Johan's business (see this page about the branding) is expanding and we worked together again, this time to make their website. The idea behind it was to highlight the personal approach of a small family painting business with three generations of experience. 

After wireframing and sketching in Figma, I developed it in Wordpress using the theme Uncode. The cherry on the cake was a custom set of icons representing the company's services.

Home Page
The home page aims to be personal, warm and trustworthy. The typeface Tisa Pro helps send that message. At the same time it must reflect the craftsmanship of painting and renovating homes. Aktiv Grotesk brings in this more grounded no-nonsense quality.

The website is of course optimized for mobile

Site Structure and Layout
These are wireframes made in Figma where I proposed the structure and layout of the website to discuss them with Johan. It is very concise and always easy to find contact details.

A custom set of icons representing the company's services, made to be pixel-perfect on the site.