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Mycorena AB


Mycorena is a Swedish B2B FoodTech company, which mainly develops mycelium-based protein as a food ingredient.

I developed the brand identity of Mycorena and its sub-brand Promyc, defined how they work together or co-branded with other companies. I facilitated a workshop with key stake holders, developed moodboards, styles and templates for social media posts.


A B2B food-tech company building up partnerships and scaling up while it educates future consumers

Mycorena is a high-tech innovator working with biotechnology. At the same time, its product is ultimately an ingredient in delicious food.


A bold, persistent innovator systematically working with black and high contrast

As was established through a workshop I organized with key stakeholders, Mycorena's identity was that of a bold and persistent innovator. The visual style centered around black, with some white and an accent lime.

I created a moodboard and templates for social media posts with several levels of boldness to unify and speed up asset creation. I experimented with AI-generated images for situations where images were unavailable or could not be published. I created a set of custom icons.



Mycorena, a bold innovator and change-enabler

At professional fairs, the focus was on innovation in alternative protein production.


Positive, dynamic, delicious

At food festivals and similar events the vibe was lighter, more focused on joy and indulgence.