Tasks: logo design
webdesign & development
Client: National Library of Technology
Year: 2020

National Repository Logo and Support Website

My logo design revolved around the idea of a permeable and open container, a frame shaped by its contents (a sharp edge around the “R” and a soft one around the “o”). It is intentionally simple and mainly text-based to keep it compatible with its parent institution, the National Library of Technology. At the same time, it must be distinguishable since it will be a self-sufficient entity.

I also proposed a dynamic version of the logo, which displays the number of currently accessible documents and is therefore constantly changing. I consider this a key metric because the repository’s value will be defined by its contents.

My goal for the website, which explains the functions of the repository, was to make it accessible and not threatening to people not familiar with repositories. I added illustrations, card navigation, related topics and glossaries to lead users to what they are looking for and not get lost along the way.

I created personas, user journeys and tested the site on a number of users. I developed the website in Wix.