174567 Varda

Tasks: printed and digital posters, engraved information sign
Client: Uddevalla municipality, Julia Niklasson

Varda is the latest addition to Sweden Solar System,  the world's largest scale model of our Solar System. The sculpture, located in Uddevalla, Sweden, represents the dwarf planet named 174567 Varda and its moon Ilmarë. I designed the engraved sign and made posters for the event.

The sculpture was inaugurated on a sunny September 4, 2021 outside the Bohuslänsmuseum in Uddevalla accompanied by the spacy melodies of Zong Ztar

The sculpture was cast in concrete with local bohusgranite used for the piedestal and the planet itself.

The poster was featured on the Populär Astronomi website, the Bohuslaningen newspaper and other media