National Repository

logo design 

The National Repository is an ambitious project aiming to create a single portal for finding practically all academic works created in the Czech Republic. This includes university theses, research data and many other types of content.

My logo design revolved around the idea of a permeable and open container, a frame shaped by its contents (a sharp edge around the “R” and a soft one around the “o”). It is intentionally simple and mainly text-based to keep it compatible with its parent institution, the National Library of Technology. At the same time, it must be distinguishable since it will be a self-sufficient entity.

I also proposed a dynamic version of the logo, which displays the number of currently accessible documents and is therefore constantly changing. I consider this a key metric because the repository’s value will be defined by its contents.

Logo Construction
The logo is constructed in a geometric manner. The elements’ positions were then fine-tuned to keep the distances optically balanced. 

Logo Variations 
The logo has a Czech and English variation as well as a simplified one for use on mobile or other situations with limited space.

Animated Logo

Because the repository is far from completion, the logo has not yet been developed into a detailed visual identity. I used a few mockups to show possible applications and to assess how well the logo works for different uses and sizes.